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Top 10 Web Design Tips

Top 10 Web Design Tips

1. Have a strong, clear brand

Your web site should pitch the image you would like the world to see. A great web designer could control what sort of image the world will see. In terms of physical design, this means placing your logo or underlying message in the top left-hand corner (the part of the screen our eyes are most naturally drawn to).

2. Provide a clear, concise navigation method

A good web designer will ensure that they help lead the user around the screen and site and make the people want to stay. Clearly differentiated sub-sections and even a site map can provide a concise, easy to follow navigation route. While also having good use of position, colour, contrast and size can all help focus the eye to critical areas and help navigate the page. REMEMBER to stick to one main navigation menu, and keep it consistent throughout the site.

3. Make it intuitively easy to use

Visitors can be fickle, and if a website is hard or slow to navigate, they’ll be off. Ensure navigation buttons are apparent and easily identifiable (towards the top of the page is good) and have appropriate links directly from page to page so the user can quickly switch when something catches their interest. Finally, adhere to the functionalities people have come to expect. For example, if the text is underlined, your user will naturally expect it to be a link.

4. Keep it consistent

Users like to know where they are within a website, and if the style of a page changes dramatically or somehow feels different visitors will become disengaged and can start to feel lost. Maintain consistency by ensuring everything matches, from heading sizes and typefaces to design, colour and style of image.

5. Keep it simple stupid (KISS)

The whole point of using a website is that it should be quick and easy to use. To this end, simplicity is vital.

The more complicated a website, the higher the drop off count.

6. Ensure it’s easy to understand

Visitors coming to your website typically won’t want to spend much time so ensure that every aspect is easy to understand. Various design techniques can help make the information on a page easier to understand (shorter sentences, larger font, sections differentiated by contrast and colour and, as previously mentioned, proper use of white space). To this end, there are some standard rules of thumb: never use more than three typefaces, or more than three different point sizes for a font and keep lines of text to the point!

7. Degrade gracefully

Not everyone has the most up to date web browser! So to ensure you do not lose those people, make sure your website works on multi-platforms. Besides, not everyone has the most up to date PC or broadband plans! Ensure your websites code is as simple as it can be without drawing back in quality.

8. Write it with your target audience in mind

When writing, ensure you are thinking about your customer and target audience. As tempting as it is to overboard people with information, the more you specialise, the higher your conversion rates will be, this is due to you being able to target your specific audience and catch them, rather than the few stragglers.

9. Consider usability

At the end of the day if your website isn’t usable visitors will be off. So, when working on the web design, consider the end user’s experience of the site.

It can be a good idea to make a list of the things a user will want to use your site for and then checking that these are easy to achieve and if necessary are readily available from the homepage

10. Make sure it’s compliant

A good website should adhere to specific guidelines.

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HBHosting Updates

Questions about HBHostings old/new web hosting plans and web design!

Questions about HBHostings old/new web hosting plans and web design!

It is Dan here from HBHosting, I just wanted to clarify some questions we have been receiving about the new website design, web hosting plans and the old web hosting plans.

Q1. How do I access my client portal?


Q2. Will my web hosting plan increase/decrease with the new plans?

A2. No, the old plans and your price will remain the same. You can still upgrade/downgrade within the old web hosting plans framework, as that is what you saw when you signed up so we want to ensure you can keep the same prices and not have to upgrade or downgrade and pay more.

Q3. What does 100%/200%/300% CPU mean?

A3. It means you have 100%/200%/300% the usual CPU limits.

Q4. I am on an old web hosting plan, can I change to the new plans to increase my CPU/Ram usage?

A4. Yea, just open a ticket and we will move your plan over, but once you move to the new plans you cannot go back to the old plans.

To view the old plans click HERE

Q5. I like your new web design

A5. Thank you 🙂

Q6. What is the blog?

A6. The blog is a place where we will post web hosting/server/business tips and updates, so you can stay ahead of the crowd when it comes to your online business/blog/forums/portfolio/website!

If you have any further questions, feel free to open a ticket, speak to our live chat or shoot me an email!

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Web Hosting Tips

How To Prepare For A Server Migration?

How To Prepare For A Server Migration?

Server migrations are a complicated process that requires a lot of preparation. There are many reasons a website owner may decide to migrate to a different hosting provider. One of which is that the business is growing that shared hosting plan and the company they are with do not offer the right upgrade, or the company they are with do not have the support or quality they are looking for. No matter the reason, it is important to plan ahead to ensure migration success.

The preparation to migrate your website

More often than not, migrating to one server to another means you are upgrading your system so that it caters to larger online users. During the preparation, you need to make sure that you test your new service and check if the databases are also up to date. You can avoid downtime this way. Although migrating is complex, this is also a great opportunity to check areas you need to improve. Experts will help you identify the most scalable and cost-effective solution and deploy a server that will improve performance. When you migrate, you need to have sufficient processing power and disk space on your server. A more detailed scaling plan and projection must also be kept in mind.

Preparation for your current web server

Removing email accounts, backups and old sites are part of the process of cleaning up your current server. This process will give you an idea of the computing and storage requirements of your new server. When locking your databases, you should also check if it is updated by different users. If locking your databases is not possible, you have to plan a final update, which is part of your migration strategy. This way, when you switch server, your database is up to date and replicated.

When you are transporting your server to its new location, it is necessary to back up your server. Whether or not this method is part of transporting the data, it is essential to take a full backup of your server prior to migration. Avoid closing down your old server or old hosting account before your website goes live and functioning properly. You might be required to switch back, or the date that your website goes live may be delayed.

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New Web Hosting Plans

New Web Hosting Plans

Today we are proud to announce we have released a new set of hosting packages for businesses, small blogs and forums. These hosting packages provide greater Disc and Bandwidth allowance, as well as higher Cloudlinux CPU and RAM limits, plus some extra perks. Check out the new plans at

Following on our aim to keep our prices attainable by everyone we have three packages one starting from $4.99 per month!

Plan 1 - Starter - $4.99 Per Month
5 GB Disk Space
50 GB Bandwidth
1 GB Ram
100% CPU
2 MB/s I/O
Plan 2 - Standard - $15.99 per month
15 GB Disk Space
100 GB Bandwidth
2 GB Ram
200% CPU
4 MB/s I/O
Plan 3 - Pro - $25.99 per month
30 GB Disk Space
200 GB Bandwidth
3 GB Ram
300% CPU
6 MB/s I/O

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