WordPress SEO made simple 101

WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO The 6 Steps Simple Guide WordPress has always been praised for being the BEST SEO and content management system out there. Even straight out of the box. But there are still some basics that need to be followed to improve it even further and have that edge on everyone else’s website. If everyone […]

How to Start a WordPress Blog – 5 Easy Steps (2021)

How to start a wordpress blog

Have you ever wanted to start a WordPress blog, but have read so many different posts, articles, tutorials and have come out of it being more confused than informed? HBHosting has put together a simple 7 step guide for anyone to use to get started straight away! No matter if you are 13 years old […]

Web Hosting And The Reasons It Is Time To Make The Switch

how to choose a web hosting provider

Web hosting is essential in running a website. With the numerous web hosting providers out there, choosing the one that suits your web hosting needs is a challenging task. Especially if you choose the wrong web hosting provider as one bad experience may be enough to choose another. Reasons You Need to Leave Your Current […]


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