What is VPS Hosting? Why should you use VPS Hosting?

What is VPS Hosting

Why might VPS Hosting be the best option for your website? Why Choose VPS Hosting? What is VPS Hosting? These are all questions you might be having when you hear the words VPS hosting. Everyone swears by how good VPS hosting is. But before we can brag about HBHosting’s VPS hosting we must first understand […]

Hamish and Andy Loyalty Card Accepted – HBHosting

Hamish and Andy Loyalty card 1

Hamish and andy Loyalty card “It’s the card the stores’ love” The Hamish and Andy Loyalty card as described by Hamish Blake in the podcast: “They understand that when I buy something, I get 10% off and then I immediately give 5%, so half of that 10%, straight back to the store. They win, I […]

WordPress User Roles + What they do

WordPress User Roles + What they Do

Creating and maintaining a website and blog can be confusing at times, especially when there is a small to large team with multiple different permissions. Imagine being the blog writer and having permissions that allow you to edit the design of the whole website? That seems like too much power or even information that is […]

Sydney Based Web Hosting

Sydney Based Web Hosting

Is Sydney based web hosting for you? The following article is going to explain the perks of using Sydney web hosting solutions to boost your servers performance and in turn increase sales and views to your website! Sydney Based Web Hosting – Quality When you think about Sydney you think of the opera house, the […]


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