5 Tips On How To Effectively Promote Your New Website

So you just created your new website, and you’re extremely pleased with it. Now you’re up for the next challenge: getting traffic. Learning how to promote a new website can seem overwhelming at times. You look at all the big sites that average thousands if not hundreds of thousands of views a year and feel intimidated. Don’t. Everyone started from the bottom at some point.

Getting traffic into your website can be an exciting and fun process if you know where to start and what to do. Here are a few tips to help you begin your journey of effectively promoting your website.

1. Promote it on social media

The realm of social media remains to be the biggest source of traffic today. According to We Are Social’s 2020 digital review, out of the 4.5 Billion people on the planet that use the internet, 3.8 Billion use social media. If you have an existing following on social media, it’s always a great idea to channel that traffic to your site.

One of the best website promotion ideas today is to use chatbots to drive people to your site. Another great strategy would be to post valuable snippets of information and lead people to your website to get the full version of the content.

When promoting your website on social media, make sure to provide people with value that will attract their attention. You can use channels like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and even YouTube to link to your website and get more traffic.

2. Perform search engine optimization

Another great source of website traffic are search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. But landing on the top pages of search queries can be difficult without a proper search engine optimization strategy in place. Search engine optimization, or SEO, entails using strategic keywords that people might search on a site like Google, which the search engine then spots and flashes on their search results.

Coming up with unique keywords that attract a specific target audience and strategically placing them all around your site is a simple yet effective SEO strategy that can help increase website visitors. Often, SEO takes time to build up, but it provides great and long-lasting results with consistency and hard work.

3. Write blogs with great headlines

Another way to increase website traffic fast is to emphasize great copywriting and written content. Blogs and articles are still some of the best-performing forms of online content today. Roughly eight out of every ten marketers put a lot of effort into crafting blog posts to help them reach marketing goals.

When creating blogs, one of the most important aspects is your headline. Creating headlines that catch people’s attention increases one’s chances of getting visitors from other channels like social media, search engines, ads, and other traffic sources. Try picking someone’s curiosity by creating intriguing headlines. Also, make sure to use power words that are unique and get people’s attention fast.

4. Create a distinct brand

In the world of marketing, branding matters all the time. Having a unique brand makes you stand out and thus helps your website get visitors more often. Much of the branding experience is visual in nature, but other brand-building strategies might also use other elements such as keywords and music.

One way to ensure a strong and distinct brand is to apply good web design that follows current trends on your website. Make sure your website looks sleek on mobile and tablet devices and stacks responsively. Use compelling graphics, including social media images, photos, and your logo, to help your brand stand out and invite people to click on those links to your site.

5. Start an email newsletter

Website traffic doesn’t always have to be new. In fact, recurring visitors can help significantly increase website traffic. One way to do this is to start and maintain an email newsletter. Email marketing is a great way to regularly connect with your audience and lure them back to your website. Creating a website helps you engage with them better and remind people about your brand.

When running an email newsletter, remember that consistency is key to email marketing success. HubSpot notes that 35% of marketers send their email newsletter subscribers anywhere between 3-5 emails per week.

Bonus Tip: Ensure good website performance

Here’s a bonus tip to help you drive website traffic: always ensure that your website performs well. Most of the time, this has to do with website speed. It’s no secret that people want more convenience and time nowadays. That said, most people who encounter a slow website will leave and never return. One sure-fire way to improve your site’s website performance is to get a good hosting service.

Website traffic leads to better business results

Learning how to increase website traffic organically is definitely a lot of work. But getting traffic to your website almost always leads to more results for your business, most especially sales. In today’s day and age, traffic is the turnstile to having a growing online presence that continues to be profitable and rewarding for companies and individuals everywhere.



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