Considering Getting Webhosting? Read This First!

Considering getting Webhosting: Web hosting is probably the most underappreciated, misunderstood concept of the internet out there whenever you visit someone’s website, Facebook, Youtube, eBay, TikTok. These are all hosted somewhere, whether on a dedicated server for websites that get billions of views a day or on a shared web hosting plan that can easily handle hundreds of thousands of views. It is good to know what to consider before ordering something that could waste your money. Therefore, there are many factors you should read into if you are considering getting Webhosting today.

Considering getting Webhosting: How many viewers are you expecting in the first 6 months?

This is probably the first question any sales person will ask you. The answer the customer always says is over 100 thousand a day. I have been in the web hosting business for years now and let me tell you, your first few months you may be hoping for 100 thousand a day but really you might get 100 thousand a month.

Nevertheless, if you expect 100 thousand on launching day, you will need to consider a business that has an easy way to upgrade or downgrade your plan as needed. That way, you can start on a large hosting plan with high resource limits, such as the HBHosting PRO plan.

Considering getting Webhosting: What are the resources I should be looking at?

Many businesses offer you disk space usage stating its UNLIMITED; this is a really nice feature to have; however, it is not something that should sway you in which host you choose if anything, I would stay clear of businesses that offer unlimited disk space as that means they are overselling their resources by an unlimited amount. Additionally, unlimited disk space does not always mean unlimited, and it just means a considerable amount defined in their TOS.

From what we have seen over the years as a web hosting business, most websites use an average of 500MB disk space, and most WordPress websites use 1.5GB. So disk space allowances are not something that should make you change your mind about who to host with.

Ram, CPU, I/O, and bandwidth. These are the resources you should be paying attention to. When someone visits your website, ram, CPU, I/O and bandwidth all get used. Your disk space very rarely changes after you have finished building your website. So when looking at a web hosting business to choose from, make sure as the plans increase in prices that they also increase your ram, CPU, I/O and bandwidth limits. Otherwise, you are just paying for the same specs that you use but increasing your fees. Therefore, the quality of your website will not actually increase as you upgrade plans.

Considering getting Webhosting: Where should my website be hosted?

This is a tricky question because you would assume a website hosted in the US would be great for US clients, and a website hosted in Australia would be good for Australian clients. However, these days that does not even matter. No matter who you choose as a web host, you could always use a CDN a great free one we always recommend is Cloudflare. A CDN, in short, makes your website load fast for everyone around the world.

So, you might be saying, so it does not matter where it’s hosted as long as I trust the provider and offer quality support? Well, yes, those two things are essential in a hosting provider, but you also need to understand the quality control that country offers, for example, Australian servers are known to be very secure and in really high-quality facilities such as Equinix.

Considering getting Webhosting: How fast does their support respond?

Almost every host states they have 24/7 support, but how fast do they really respond to your questions? It is effortless to test this. Either open a sales ticket and ask a question and see how long it takes them to respond. OR if they have a money-back guarantee, order a website from them, open a tech support question and then see how long they take to respond. If you are happy with it, great, you have found your next web hosting provider. If not, request your money back, and keep on searching.



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