Top 10 Email Marketing Tips To Make Your Sales Skyrocket!

So you want to start email marketing but do not know where to start? We have compiled our top 10 email marketing tips to help you gain traction and go viral! With these few tips, your emails will go from unread in the spam to being shared around with friends and family! So let’s get started.

Email Marketing Tips: Learn the basics

A marketing email is the first glimpse people will have of the standard of quality you hold yourself accountable for and what they could expect to see on day-to-day dealings with you and your team. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to ensure your website demonstrates professionalism, quality content, and continuity.

Things to ensure:
1. Format is consistent
2. Avoid spammy words – (100% Free)
3. Use power words

Email Marketing Tips: Make a subject line that stands out

How many times is your inbox full of emails, and you go on a mass deletion? We have all been there, so why would the email you are sending out be any different. Have a subject line that stands out.

Imagine receiving both of these emails. Which are you more likely to open
1. HBHosting – Weekly Update
2. Increase your email leads with these 10 tips – HBHosting

Here are some things you should keep in mind when writing a subject line that stands out
Make a promise
Generate intrigue
Use numbers or lists
Ask a question
Use scarcity
Be brief

If you follow these email marketing tips for your subject line, you will be sure to see an increased opening of your emails and a higher click-through rate from your emails.

Email Marketing Tips: Have a purpose

When writing the content of your email, make sure you have a purpose in mind, is your goal for people to get good content? or is it to push sales. I’ll give you a hint; it can not be both.

If your email does not have a purpose then what would be the reason they open it? You must have a plan.
“Fail to plan, and your plan will fail”

Email Marketing Tips: Measure the outcomes

So you have written your amazing email; you are proud of it and ready to send it to all your friends, family, subscribers anyone that wants it. But how would you know if it is actually working? How will you know if it is the right format? This is the time you need to measure your email’s outcomes to see if it worked Or do I need to regroup and rewrite my email format for the next time?

It is best to write three to four different emails and send them to different groups of people at random and measure how effective each email was.

With Mailchimp, you can easily track different measurables with the emails you send out. This will allow you to know if your email is successful or not.

Email Marketing Tips: Make it easy to subscribe

How frustrating does this situation sound? You find a website with great content; you want to subscribe; you press that subscribe button, but then it asks for so much irrelevant information. Your full name, your date of birth, your address. How many times will you say, well, this is not worth it and move on?

You want to make it as simple as possible for your future followers to subscribe to your emails.
1. Ask for the bare minimum (First name, Email Address)
2. Have your subscribe button is easy to find places
3. Promote to subscribe on social media

Email Marketing Tips: Promotions aren’t everything.

Not everyone wants to receive free or discounted items every day. This is what leads to people clicking that unsubscribe button the majority of the time. Think about it in your own life. How many times can you receive a promotion from a business before you go? That’s enough; I am unsubscribing. Your email lists are about building a healthy relationship with your audience, not just about selling.

Email Marketing Tips: Don’t end up in a spam

Spam folders… The nemesis of an email marketer. If you want to ‘guarantee’ you won’t end up in this folder, follow the following advice below.

  1. Have a clear “unsubscribe” link in every marketing mail you send
  2. Avoid trigger words, including “100% Free”, “As seen on”, and “Bad credit”.
  3. Postmark lets you see how likely your email will end up in spam
  4. Obey the law. DO NOT add people who have not subscribed.

Email Marketing Tips: Include a call to action

Going back to having a purpose for your email, you will also need a call to action; that way, people know what to do. Lead them to the end goal: do not let them have to work it out themselves.

Click here for more tips.

You almost clicked that link didn’t you? That is because we told you exactly what to do.

Email Marketing Tips: Be a friend and personalise the emails

If you get an email saying Hi There, VS Hi (First-name), which makes you feel better?

Emails are read individually, not by a group. Therefore, if you want to spark that bit of happiness in someone when they open your email, address it to them, not to the group they work for.

As much as you want to treat them like a friend, do not add those dad jokes. I know you all are thinking of publishing them, but no one will find that joke funny. Trust me. Unless, of course, your email is about jokes, then that is fine.

Email Marketing Tips: Have a plan

Now that you have these 9 tips so far, the 10th tip is to have a plan when writing your emails, draft it, have a friend proofread it, build an email structure that works, test it, and try again, keep working on it and plan for the future of your emails.

But more importantly than just having a plan for the email itself, have a plan of what you will send and when you will send it. Hold yourself accountable and keep giving people good content. They should expect on Mondays at 12 pm, they will receive an email tip that will help them build their business up.



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