I'm New To WebHosting How Do I Get Started?

So your new to webhosting and logged into you Cpanel account for the first time and have no idea what you are  doing?

First if you have a website template or website already made for you navigate to

1. File Manager in CPanel
2. Locate the folder Public_HTML
3. Upload your files there and your website is ready to go

If you dont have a website already made up but want a quick and easy set up follow these instructions

1. Login to CPanel
2. Scroll right to the bottom where you will see softaculous
3. Here you can choose from a variaty of mods/plugins for your website to make building your website simple EG - WordPress 1 click install
4. Follow the onscreen prompts and make sure the directory its installing to is the correct one. (usually it should be nothing written there)
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