Sydney Based Web Hosting

Is Sydney based web hosting for you? The following article is going to explain the perks of using Sydney web hosting solutions to boost your servers performance and in turn increase sales and views to your website!

Sydney Based Web Hosting – Quality

When you think about Sydney you think of the opera house, the harbour bridge, Bondi beach, etc you think about all these amazing views that are of a high standard, where the quality is fantastic! You can see how great everything is put together.

So too with Sydney based web hosting. The quality of the data centres is unmatched. The hardware used is of a supreme standard, the network and DDoS protection are unparallel to those of anywhere else around the world. With the new Aussie NBN the speeds of Australia’s internet has finally caught up to the rest of the world, no more are the days where you pay an arm and a leg in Australia for fast internet speeds. Now it is accessible to everyone and Australians can finally have fast web hosting services at a competitive price.

Sydney Based Web Hosting – Pricing

Back in the day Australian web hosting prices used to cost an unreasonable amount of money compared to USA hosting. However, nowadays due to the improvements to the Australian internet and bandwidth prices Australians and people around the world can now order a supreme quality of web hosting for just $6.00aud per month THATS $4.33USD as of 04/01/2022.

Therefore, pricing should no longer be your reason to cut back in quality or go overseas for your hosting when you can just as easily and affordable order Australian web hosting.

Sydney Based Web Hosting – Clients Location

Are you running a blog for Australians or an Online Store in the Oceania area? Why would you not order Australian web hosting then so your main viewers receive the fastest speeds possible. You would not open up a store in the USA or Canada if your clientele were Australian? That would not make sense how would they get there without a plane ticket?

Therefore, if you want fast speeds for your clients order a web hosting provider which is closest to your main traffic stream.

Sydney Based Web Hosting – Support

So you ordered Australian web hosting, good job! But when you spoke to their live chat or ticket support their responses did not sound genuine? Their English was confusing? They had poor Grammer? Well, this could be because their web hosting might be located in Australia but they have outsourced their support.

How can you avoid that?

We always suggest talking to their live chat or opening a ticket before ordering a service do not rush the process, this is going to be your store or blog, you don’t want the foundation to fall apart after setting up.

See how they respond, does it make sense, was it in a timely manner. If you are happy with that then go ahead order a website

In summary

Sydney based web hosting has a higher quality than anywhere around the world, the pricing now matches prices around the world, clients location plays a slight role, and having local Aussie support is fundamental for a good web hosting provider.



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