The Story Behind HBHosting + Our Goals

When you think of all the big companies out there, Apple, Google, Amazon, Samsung, eBay, etc., they always have that story that drives them to keep wanting to improve, keep wanting to be the best out there, and change the industry for the better.

HBHostings story began all the way back in 2011. Except it was not called HBHosting, and we did not offer web hosting. Back then, in 2011, this business was just a group of friends wanting to play video games together online at a competitive level. We wanted to be the best, just like every teenager had the dream to play games for a living. In addition to wanting to make it competitively, we wanted to start a gaming community called MNOA (Millennial Ninjas of Australia), which later became Australian gaming, which again changed to become Hunting Bros community where everyone was welcome.

How Did Starting a Gaming Community Lead You To Create a Web Hosting Business?

When we were running our gaming communities, we noticed how hard it was to find different services that we were looking for. A provider that could offer prices, hardware, and support that was competitive. A service in which a service provider should be providing to its customers. However, we struggled to find that wow factor in a business; we spent months looking for a business that would be worth our investment, we tried them all. Trust me when I said we tried them all because there are so many out there. But we did not manage to find the one. This led us to believe that an online service for web hosting, game servers, VPS, or dedicated servers was just not possible.

That is when we decided in 2017 to convert our gaming community into a mission, into a belief that we could change what the hosting industry should look like, a way that we could lead as an example to truly bring out the best in the Australian hosting industry and give the Australian community the services they deserve.

Why Are We Called HBHosting?

So why did we call ourselves HBHosting? It’s a great question. To answer that, you need to remember how we started; we started as a group of friends wanting to find like-minded people to play videos games with. The HB stands for Hunting Bros, which was the gaming community name. We stuck with the name HuntingBros because of the belief in the mission, to be more than just a community but to be a family, a place where everyone feels accepted. We wanted to bring that mission with us on our journey to become Australia’s best Web Hosting provider, as we do not just want customers that are satisfied. We want customers that are fulfilled in their hosting needs.

What is Our Goal at HBHostings?

You might be thinking our goal is to be the biggest web hosting provider out there. But you would be wrong. HBHostings goal is to be “Australia’s best web hosting provider, excelling in customer support”. No matter what we do, we always bring it back to that statement. We do not mind if we have 100 websites with us or 100,000 websites with us. As long as our customers are fulfilled in their hosting needs and have the support and quality they deserve, we would only then be happy with our product.

If You Could Change One Thing In The Industry, What Would It Be?

If there were one thing we could change in the web hosting industry, it would be people accepting what they see at face value. There are many businesses out there that would offer AMAZING signup costs such as $2 a month and hide the fact that it then jumps to $20 a month after the first renewal. Or companies that own hundreds of different business names so that if you are unhappy with one of them, you have a high chance of just swapping to another one of their businesses and get the same support and hardware.

We believe the people deserve better when it comes to the hosting industry, and we believe we are the ones that will guide the hosting community on the right path so that everyone can get hosting at a fair price and receive the quality hardware and service that they deserve and should be receiving



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