Top 10 Benefits Of Having a Website

Within contemporary society, having an online presence, otherwise known as a website, is vital for the success of a business. Your future customers are currently looking for you on the internet but can’t find you… Why wait any longer? Just set one up! Still, need more convincing? Here are our top 10 benefits of having a website.

1. 24/7 Online Presence

This might seem like a no brainier but having a website gives you the ability to be there all the time, always open, always found. Imagine having a store that runs 24/7, except you don’t need to pay someone to keep it running; it is always there. Your customers can find you any time of the day, any day of the year. They can even buy from you from within the comfort of their own home! By staying offline, you are losing sales every day to your competition.

2. Easy To Access Information

Having a website on the internet not only allows you to get more sales online, but it also helps you pass on important information to your customers. Is your store hours changed during a public holiday? You can let them know online, so that client satisfaction stays high and they are handed over the important information when needed. Additionally, you can have contact details on your website so they can easily contact you if need. You can have photos of your product. In short, it allows you to really engage with customers anywhere and build a community around your business.

3. Consumer Insights

Using analytical tools such as google analytics allows you as the business manager to understand how your clients found you, what your most popular products are, and what people are doing on your website so you can optimise sales and push the correct products to maximise your sales. Using all this extra information allows you to even optimise your offline store, as you can understand your clients better.

4. Cuts Costs

As well as displaying information you can convert your whole store to the online world. No more are the days of needing to rent a storefront to sell your products. You can rent web space for peanuts and start selling your products straight away. Additionally, with an online store, you don’t even need to have products sometimes, as you can just run a dropshipping store. We have a great guide on how to build a dropshipping store here. By not having a store to rent, you can cut your costs even further and lower the price of your products which gives you the cutting edge over your competition.

5. Larger Market

This one is pretty straightforward. If your business is online, ANYONE can access it. It is no longer just the local community, but you can now access the whole world. This is one of the biggest benefits of having a website.

6. Trusted

When you hear of a business, the first thing you do is google that business and look at their website to see if they are credible. If you are doing this, why wouldn’t everyone else be doing the same thing? If you want your brand and business to be trusted by thousands around the world or country. You, too, need to be moving forward with the times and building that online presence to build that client trust.

7. Advertising

With online advertising, there are a plethora of different avenues you can go to advertise yourself. There are Facebook ads, google ads, YouTube, Twitter, you name it. But most importantly, there are also free advertising methods which include posting on your own social media. Ensuring your SEO is of a high standard so people can find you. With these tools, you will be able to increase your sales larger than any regular store.

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8. Growth

Websites in general are the next step in increasing your businesses potential, and help investors see the potential in your idea. It demonstrates what you are about and what you hope to achieve as a business in the future.

9. Customer Service

Websites allow you to handle your customer service much more fluidly than ever. It allows you to create a simple ticketing system, a live-chat or even custom email addresses so your brand is everywhere you go. By having your customer service online it allows you to cut costs and also allow you to help your customers even if you decide to go on a holiday in January. No matter where you go, your business can go to.

10. Competitors

The most important reason of all though to get your business up and running is your competitor is already there. If you are reading this your competition is already on the internet already racking in the sales. So do not wait any longer. Sign up for a web hosting plan today to ensure you can catch up and take over the competition. We are a group of web developers and a hosting provider all in one. So we can help you out with whatever you need!

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