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Hamish and andy Loyalty card “It’s the card the stores’ love”

Hamish and Andy Loyalty card

The Hamish and Andy Loyalty card as described by Hamish Blake in the podcast:

“They understand that when I buy something, I get 10% off and then I immediately give 5%, so half of that 10%, straight back to the store. They win, I win, they get it. Why wouldn’t a company accept the card?”

“It’s the card the stores’ love”

How do I actually know which stores accept the Hamish and Andy loyalty card?

Well, that is the beauty of this card! It is assumed that every store just like HBHosting accepts it! If you would like a full list of stores that are known to accept the card head on over to Hamish and Andys website

Whats the catch?

*By registering for a Hamish and Andy Loyalty Card, you agree and understand that any in-store discount is solely at the discretion of a participating store and may or may not be honoured. The loyalty card is solely for humour and the “up to 10% discount” is an arbitrary value (based on 5% benefit to you (the card holder) and 5% benefit for the relevant participating store (being custom in-store)). Participating stores will determine the associated conditions of use and eligibility criteria in their store. Only valid for the period specified by the relevant participating store. May not be valid in conjunction with other in-store discounts or promotional offers. Not redeemable for cash or prior purchases. Online purchases not included.

How can I use my Hamish and Andy loyalty card at HBHosting?

When at the checkout page use the promo code: Hamish&Andy

You will receive 10% off however, instantly the store receives 5% back, therefore, you will get 5% off your hosting plans for life!



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