Top 10 Australian Web Hosting Providers

Whenever and where ever you look on the internet for an Australian web hosting provider there are always thousands of websites that claim that their affiliate linked webpage has the true ‘top 10 Australian web hosting providers’. When clearly they are being paid to advertise these businesses.

This post is going to bring in and discuss how you can really find the right website hosting provider for you, as each business has their own perks and drawbacks.

When a website advertises the ‘top 10 Australian web hosting providers’ it usually is saying the top 10 that pay the highest affiliate payout. What this means is if you click the link from their website and order a service that website just got paid. Some business pay up to $150+ per acquisition. So take this in mind whenever reading reviews.

Whats the right web hosting provider?

To find the perfect web hosting provider you have to understand that for every single person and their websites have different needs. Below is a list of reasons you should consider when choosing your provider

  • Where are the majority of my visitors coming from?
    • This is slightly less of an issue these days as you can use Cloudflare as well as optimise your website for the majority of the world.
      • Example, HBHosting is located in Australia. How long did it take to load the page for you?
  • How much disk space do I really need? Do I really need that ‘Unlimited’ disk space?
    • As a web hosting provider, we can tell you the majority of websites out there are less than 500MB. As for WordPress majority are less than 2GB
      • Remember if one host offers ‘unlimited’ and one does not but they cost the same price, just think about where their priorities are, is it offering hardware that won’t be used? or offering quality support and high-end services?
  • How many visitors will I get per month?
    • Majority of web hosting plans out there can handle over a million views a month. So keep that in mind when choosing which host, a good rule of thumb is this.
      • Web page size X amount of people visiting per month = how much GB you need.
  • Do I need a managed WordPress host? or just shared web hosting?
    • Maybe you need something in between? HBHosting offers premium consultation support with all web hosting plans. We are able to give you advice as needed and it is up to you if you want to implement it.
  • Do I need a website builder?
    • If you want to make the website yourself but do not know how to code, maybe you should look for a provider that offers a free website builder.
  • Have I looked into reviews?

So now that you have the basics covered, lets look at what to do next.

Top 10 Australian Web Hosting

top 10 australian web hosting providers

Some hosts may start off better, but you want one that is constantly improving after the sale.

I know you are all expecting a list of the ‘top 10 Australian web hosting providers’ but if you have gotten anything from this article is that there is not a one size fits all sort of deal with hosting provides and that you should focus more on quality hardware, quality and local support, as well as futureproof of a business that is always looking to improve themselves rather than just pull in hundreds of sales a month and hope some stick around because they assume all web hosting providers are the same. So no there will not be a ‘top 10 Australian web hosting providers’ list but we will always help you find the right host for yourself even if it is not us HBHosting.

If you would like to find out how to start your own WordPress website with HBHosting check out the YouTube video below.



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