Questions about HBHostings old/new web hosting plans and web design!

It is Dan here from HBHosting, I just wanted to clarify some questions we have been receiving about the new website design, web hosting plans and the old web hosting plans.

Q1. How do I access my client portal?

A1. https://hbhosting.com.au/clientarea/clientarea.php

Q2. Will my web hosting plan increase/decrease with the new plans?

A2. No, the old plans and your price will remain the same. You can still upgrade/downgrade within the old web hosting plans framework, as that is what you saw when you signed up so we want to ensure you can keep the same prices and not have to upgrade or downgrade and pay more.

Q3. What does 100%/200%/300% CPU mean?

A3. It means you have 100%/200%/300% the usual CPU limits.

Q4. I am on an old web hosting plan, can I change to the new plans to increase my CPU/Ram usage?

A4. Yea, just open a ticket and we will move your plan over, but once you move to the new plans you cannot go back to the old plans.

To view the old plans click HERE

Q5. I like your new web design

A5. Thank you đŸ™‚

Q6. What is the blog?

A6. The blog is a place where we will post web hosting/server/business tips and updates, so you can stay ahead of the crowd when it comes to your online business/blog/forums/portfolio/website!

If you have any further questions, feel free to open a ticket, speak to our live chat or shoot me an email!

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