The benefits of using Australian Hosting

If you are looking at getting hosting, you may have heard many businesses state their servers are hosted in Australia. Today we will be discussing the benefits of using Australian Hosting and why you should be making the switch today. This article will go beyond the typical you should be assisting your local businesses but actually discuss why anyone in the world should start to choose Australian hosting.

Consistent Prices

When you look at the pricing of overseas businesses, it might seem like a great price at the time. But a lot of the time, it is in USD pricing. This can mean one day you are paying $5AUD for the plan and the next $9AUD. This is because the USD can fluctuate, making you pay much more in the long term. With Australian prices, what you see is what you get. If a plan states it’s $6AUD, you know every month you will be paying $6AUD and not have to worry about the fluctuation of prices Or hidden entry discounts that disappear after the first invoice.

Australian Quality Speeds

By choosing Australian hosting, you get the high standards Australia has to stick with their servers, so you know that the quality is always high. Additionally, if your business resides in Australia, the loading speed of your website will outrank every competitor overseas for speeds, as your clients will have to log into a website overseas and then bounce back whereas, if it is in Australia, the travel distance for server load times is much shorter. People like things now, so if your website is consistently that bit slower, they will find an alternative provider of your product that loads much faster.

Google May Penalise Your Local SEO

Each website is assigned a unique IP address; if google starts to notice your IP overseas, they may decide to lower your rank in their system for the actual country you want to market to since google will assume your business is located in another country. Having google do this will set your business back hugely to other competitors since being on the first page of Google is where almost all sales online will come from.

Why You Need Australian Support

Every website has an error at least once in its lifetime. Imagine this error happens in Australia’s middle of the day, and your website is hosted overseas. That would mean your website has an error in the United States in the middle of the night when support staff will be less staffed. This is another one of the benefits of using Australian Hosting since if your website has issues in peak time in Australia, we will have the support to ensure your website is fixed faster than overseas businesses.

Improved Website Security

One of the main benefits of using Australian hosting is the high standard we Australians hold to our website security; we will constantly be ensuring that our website does not have issues and that your website is safe from multiple different styles of attacks since we in Australia hold ourselves to a much higher standard than around the world.



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