What is VPS Hosting? Why should you use VPS Hosting?

Why might VPS Hosting be the best option for your website? Why Choose VPS Hosting? What is VPS Hosting?

These are all questions you might be having when you hear the words VPS hosting. Everyone swears by how good VPS hosting is. But before we can brag about HBHosting’s VPS hosting we must first understand what is VPS hosting and why do we need VPS Hosting.

What is vps hosting used for

VPS is the term used to talk about a Virtual Private Server. So what is a Virtual Private server? In simple terms, it is like an apartment in an apartment building. You might not need a whole apartment block to yourself (the server) so you just rent a small apartment inside the building (the VPS).

With HBHosting we use KVM virtualisation. The ram allocated to you is dedicated so even if there are noisy neighbours it will have almost no effect on you since they cannot use the ram allocated to your hosting.

A lot of hosts out there might charge $3-5 for a GB of ram, however, that ram is shared between 5-10 different customers. Here at HBHosting, we offer 1GB of ram DEDICATED to YOU for the same price!

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So to reiterate a VPS is a computer that has been split into many smaller computers to match your needs, they are easy to upgrade and downgrade as needed, and if hardware fails it will move over to a working part of the server so you have no downtime!

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VPS Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting is when you purchase the entire computer/server. This is in most cases is overkill, you can save a lot of money just using a bigger VPS. When using a Dedicated server 99% of the time people virtualise it anyway as it allows you to have better uptime and performance.

VPS vs shared hosting

With shared hosting you are sharing resources with 100’s of other websites, depending on your provider they could be overselling by thousands of clients making the quality of your website go downhill from the start. However, at HBHosting we ensure quality is above profits. So whether you choose VPS hosting or Shared Hosting you will always have a high-quality service.

Shared hosting is similar to VPS hosting, in the fact that VPS and shared hosting both share a larger resource, however, with VPS hosting at HBHosting you get dedicated resources, whereas Shared Hosting is shared between many others, you just get to choose how much resources you get to share.

Flexibility and Customization

The main benefit of VPS hosting over shared hosting is how flexible and customisable it can be. VPS hosting gives you your own PRIVATE workspace, you can choose the operating system, install almost any software you need, access the server files and configure them as you please. For example, if you want to switch your database management software or server-side language, a virtual private server lets you do this.


Security is another huge benefit of VPS hosting. Let’s say there is a leak in one person’s website, your website is also at risk sometimes, however, with VPS hosting if there is a leak it is much less likely for this to affect you as all your resources and files are separated and isolated from everyone else. This is also true for DDoS attacks, if one IP is affected on a VPS this won’t affect you as you have your own dedicated IP however, with Shared Hosting, many customers share one IP

The only major benefit to shared hosting over VPS hosting is cost, which is why many websites start on shared hosting plans and graduate to VPS hosting as they scale.

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HBHosting – Shared Hosting

To summarise – What is VPS Hosting

A VPS is a private server that has the flexibility to allow you to do almost whatever you want. Run a game server, website, databases etc. You get dedicated resources and it is overall performs much higher than shared hosting and is much more cost-effective than a dedicated server.



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