Australian Or USA Hosting?

Australian Or USA Hosting that is the question we ask ourselves very often

The faster your website loads the happier your customers will be. There are 2 factors here: 1) The viewer’s internet speed now with NBN is SUPER fast 2) The Hosting Companies Bandwidth and Server speed.

The hosting companies speed is the one factor you can control by choosing a hosting company with the fastest speeds available. Have you ever watched the same video on two different websites? One loaded really fast the other was super slow? But your internet is on the NBN network and you paid for the fastest speeds? This is because the web hosts speeds were slower on the second server. So if your website has photos, lots of text, or videos then it’s important to find a hosting company that has high bandwidth speeds and is local to your customers. Therefore, if you’re an Aussie business there is already a high incentive to choose an Australian WebHost provider.

Australian Or USA Hosting – Service:

This is a consideration that is more important than price. The service difference can be huge. If something goes wrong with your site you need to be able to contact your hosting company quickly and get it remedied fast. Things will go down from time to time as this is a fact of life. Your hosting company needs to treat downtime as a priority ahead of sales.

Australian Or USA Hosting – Disk Space

As a general rule, a single website page should not be more than about 5MB, including all images (the average website disk space total is 100MB or WordPress website is 1.5GB). Remember that most people who visit your site will be using a modem to connect to the Internet and if your pages take too long to load, they will simply leave and go to another site.

So if a host offers UNLIMITED disk space they are banking on you using only 100MB, and usually has a clause in their TOS stating if you use more than X amount of disk space they will terminate your plan.

Australian Or USA Hosting – Bandwidth

In the most simple of terms an analogy using water flowing through pipes gives the easiest explanation of bandwidth, the wider the pipes (i.e. higher bandwidth) the more water can be moved per second (or data).

So Bandwidth is the amount of data passage per second and is generally measured in Gbps (Gigabits per second).

It is easy to confuse bandwidth, i.e. the speed of your connection with data allowance, which is the amount of data that can be transferred to and from your server or website per month and is measured in Gb. Most web hosts actually incorrectly use the term bandwidth in place of data transfer allowance, and it is important when choosing a web host, or a web hosting plan that you have a rough idea of the amount of data transfer you will require.

Most hosts again that offer a absurd amount or unlimited amount of data transfer, also are banking on you not actually using it. Therefore, they can oversell what they dont actually have.

Australian Or USA Hosting – Price

It is important not to have to pay twice the going rate for the same disk space, speed and data allowance.
Choosing between a company offering $1.50 AUD per month for slower service, slower download speeds and loaded servers… or $10.50 AUD per month for faster service, fastest available download speeds and optimized servers and good software? Additionally, if you choose a USA based hosting provider, you are more likely than not also going to have to pay exchange rates for AUD to USD.

In my opinion, you should host in Australia if you want high quality service, great hardware, with premium support.



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